Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Background (part 2)

Life in early marriage was busy, complicated, and full of love. Within the first year of being married I became pregnant with #1, quit my job to be a stay at home mom, RK was laid off from her job, Mom was laid off from her job, we all moved into mom's to consolidate expenses, and I started working as a waitress and bartender so we had some money coming in.  We laughed, cried, and struggled through, and eventually we were all back on our feet in our own space.

The week that #1 turned two in 2004 we learned that we were expecting #2. Around that same time, RK took a great job in IT at a university and everything seemed to fall into place. By the time #2 was two years old in 2007 I was finishing my Bachelors and we were buying a great house in a great neighborhood and I had started working as a recruiter with a small RPO firm.

As RK worked her way up through the ranks at the university it became clear that there was no room left for career progression and she was growing increasingly unhappy. I had always wanted to live in a bigger city and after visiting Phoenix, I felt like that is where we were supposed to be. It didn't take RK long to get an awesome job offer and we were on our way to Phoenix.

The move was harder than I was expecting. Just after we told everyone that we were moving, Suz announced that she was pregnant. It was incredibly hard to be 2000  miles from her while she was pregnant and having my niece, since Suz had lived with us when I was pregnant with #1 and had been such a great help. I felt guilty not being able to do the same for her. I also LOVE babies, so it has been hard to miss out on the day to day interaction with that sweet little girl.

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  1. Seriously, did you have to capitalize the love in that last sentence? :) Love you girl. I'm enjoying the background leading up to when you two beautiful people came into my life.